Binh Dinh to host Vietnam’s 1st int’l powerboat race next month

Binh Dinh to host Vietnam’s 1st int’l powerboat race next month

This event signifies the debut of an international professional powerboat race in Vietnam.

Comprising two exciting categories, namely the UIM-F1H2O powerboat and UIM-ABP Aquabike, the competition will showcase the skills of over 70 athletes, including seasoned global racers.

Tran Van Thanh, director of the Binh Dinh Department of Tourism, highlighted the week-long event as an opportunity to attract both domestic and international tourists.

Thanh emphasized the province’s potential for organizing major events with its resorts, historical sites, and cultural attractions.

Given Vietnamese people’s growing interest in sports, Thanh expressed confidence in the development of powerboat racing in the country, positioning Binh Dinh as a pioneer in introducing exciting sports to the Vietnamese public.

Beyond the excitement of the Binh Dinh Grand Prix 2024, visitors to the south-central Vietnamese province in March can partake in a diverse array of activities featured in the ‘Amazing Binh Dinh Fest 2024’ program.

Particularly, culinary delights await at the first Binh Dinh International Culinary Festival, complemented by an international music fest, a beach fashion show, and the exploration of the province’s rich natural beauty and martial arts traditions.

The international powerboat racing tournament and the festival will run from March 22 to 31, anticipating over 50,000 attendees, including about 10,000 international visitors. 

For the remainder of the year, Binh Dinh will host several vibrant events like the Binh Dinh Tourism Festival 2024, Binh Dinh Tuna Festival 2024, VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon 2024, Binh Dinh Bicycle Open 2024, a traditional martial arts tournament, and the National Youth Athletics Championships 2024.